Cultural Measures

Cultural Measures are a suite of instruments and data systems developed in support of learners of traditional knowledge and art forms.


As with any other educational assessments, culturally specific assessments exist within a self-determined worldview and function within a system of knowledge. As such, the process of developing culturally specific assessments does not represent a significant directional shift in assessment development. Rather, the group identifying the system of knowledge and naming the worldview is the significant directional shift.

Culturally specific assessments focus on cultural, linguistic, and Indigenous knowledge as understood by master practitioners. They are developed from an Indigenous perspective on how learning occurs.

Results obtained from culturally specific assessments can be used to support the development of learning plans for individual and groups of learners. In addition, results can then be aggregated to inform Indigenous educational administrators about the progress being made toward meeting organizational learning goals and outcomes over time.

Placing the culturally specific assessments developed by Indigenous assessment developers at the center of the learning process makes the development of these assessments an act of self-determination.

Data Systems

Cultural Measures Data Systems receive and house assessment data. System reports relay detailed and summarized information to students, families, teachers, administrators, educational researchers and program evaluators.